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Secretary Bonnie McCann gives a painting to a lucky prize winner!
Chairman Hank McCann with Jared LeSage, Developmental Officer for Young Americans for Liberty
Reps. Kevin Hensley and Lyndon Yearick at 2019 Wyoming Peach Festival
2019 is our chance to gather together and create a stronger conservative foundation for 2020!
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Thanks to all - Hank McCann, Kent GOP Chairman.
Friday, August 16, 2019
This week's topics involve transgender issues, but the real issue is freedom in the United States. In the first and primary article, we see the state usurping responsibility for raising the child, acting as the arbiter of conscience and overruling the professional determination of a psychologist. When government overrules the conscience of its citizens, it also demands that its citizens obey the state rather than God, thus setting the state in the place of God. This is the quintessence of fascism. Our democratic republic is poised on a precipice. Will we withdraw into the light of freedom or take the plunge into the darkness of fascist totalitarianism?
Stacy Edwards
Citizens for Truth, Justice and the American Way
Dover, DE

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