2151 S. Dupont HWY | Dover, DE 19901


The 33rd RD includes Frederica, and parts of Felton, northern Milford, Magnolia, Houston, and Bowers Beach.
Chair: Matt Bucher (bucherx@aol.com or (302) 462-1962)
Vice Chair: Dave Hake
Secretary: Cheryl Anderson
Treasurer: Robin Bazzetta 
Information Officer: Dietmar Panzig (DPanzig@gmail.com)
Current elected officials who live in the 33rd District include:
- State Representative Charles Postles (33rd Representative District)
- State Senator David Lawson (15th Senate District)
- State Senator Colin Bonini (16th Senate District)
- Levy Court Commissioner Eric Buckson (Kent County District 4)
- Levy Court Commissioner Glen Howell (Kent County District 6)
The 33th RD holds meetings on the last Monday of each month at the Frederica Senior Center, 216 S. Market St., Frederica, DE 19946, starting at 7 PM.  
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33rd Events


33rd RD Monthly Meeting Monday, March 29th, 7PM
The 33rd District returns to our home base at the Frederica Senior Center, 216 Market St., Frederica, DE 19946. Please join us at 7PM-8:15PM, to observe and take part. Masks and social distancing guidelines will be observed. Thanks!more...