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What it means to be a Republican

We are Republicans because:
  • We believe in the Constitution of the United States
  • We believe in the worth and the value of each American
  • We believe that strong families are the backbone of our country
  • We know that a strong defense is the best way to keep peace
  • We desire that all of our children are given an education that allows them to make good career choices so they may contribute to the prosperity of their family and the country
  • We support free enterprise and its vital contribution to the health of our American economy
  • We support innovation and research to continue to keep America a leader in improving our American way of life
  • We believe that our God-given freedom, rights, and human dignity are inherent to every person
  • We believe that America is best when we respect each other, our representative Republic, the rule of law and the right of the people to agree or disagree respectfully.