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Kent County Republican Headquarter's Location: 942A Walker Road, Dover.  

Kent County Republican Headquarter's Phone Number: 302-747-7935

Kent County Republican Headquarter's Email: KentCountyRepubilicans@gmail.com
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*** Extended Office Hours: As of October 6, business hours will be M, W & F 11am- 5.30pm and T, TH & S 10am- 3pm. 

Chuck Hurd, Candidate for Levy Court at Large; Senator Colin Bonini, 16th Senatorial District; Jason Mollohan, Candidate for Sheriff; La Mar Gunn, Candidate for Recorder of Deeds at Meet the Candidates Night at Hank and Bonnie McCann's home.

La Mar Gunn, candidate for Recorder of Deeds, speaking at the September 11th Regional Meeting

Lyndon Yearick Fundraiser:
Wednesday, October 22nd
Make plans to attend Lyndon Yearick's campaign fundraiser on Wednesday, Oct...[more]

34th RD Committee Meeting:
Thursday, October 23rd
The 34th Representative District Republicans will hold their monthly meetin...[more]

Kent County Republican Woman:
Thursday, October 23rd
The Kent County Republican Womens' Club will be having its' monthly luncheo...[more]

KCRC Executive meeting:
Thursday October 23rd
To be held at Hqs starting at 6 PM. This will be the last time the committ...[more]

Chick/Warfield Fun-Raiser:
Saturday, October 25th
Come out for a night of FUN with Sam and Kim. We will have a grill out, gam...[more]