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On June 14th, we will have our next regional meeting at Grotto Pizza in Dover with a social at 6:15 PM and the meeting will be starting promptly at 7 PM. 17th Senate candidate Donyale Hall will be our keynote speaker.
Although we didn't endorse a U.S. Senate candidate The State Convention was still great! Treasurer Ken Simpler has the party behind him. After a couple of moving nominations including one from his father, we voted unanimously to back Treasurer Simpler for re-election!
We also had a wonderful time at the state dinner beforehand. The Kent Republicans took home some great awards! Karen Smiga from the 33rd representative district and previous Secretary for the Kent County Republican Women's Club won Republican of the Year! Our county Chairman Hank McCann won the Pat Murray award, which is the highest award the state gives out! And Rebecca Anderson, Vice Chair of the 31st and the Chairman's Executive Assistant, won Young Republican of the Year!

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Leadership supports 31st State Representative candidate David Anderson

Leadership supports 30th State Representative candidate Shannon Morris

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